Pregnancy Yoga in Southport and Preston

prenatal yoga



Suitable 14 weeks until birth.

4 week block £32, this is a rolling programme so start any time payable in advance or Pay by Standing Order on 1st month for £30 which over 6 months is the equivalent of 3 FREE weeks, pro rata if you start classes later into your pregnancy.

Pregnancy Yoga in Southport gives you the opportunity to meet with and support other expectant Mums, many Lifelong friendships are formed at these Pregnancy Yoga Classes.

Start Pregnancy Yoga in Southport any time and payment will be adjusted to your start date, then rolling 4 week block payment until near your due date when payment will be adjusted to synchronize with your due date.

Includes some Partners Evenings.

Booking Essential. These classes is a rolling programme from 14 weeks to birth the 4 week blocks are just the payment schedule. You can start Pregnancy Yoga in Southport classes at any time.

NEW!! – Couples Pregnancy Course 4 weeks total 10 hrs.

Dates: TBC

Includes: DRU Pregnancy Yoga




Breathing Techniques

Stress Management Techniques

Meditation CD of 3 x 20 min Guided Meditations

30 min 1-1 Reiki Session for Mums

Input from Visiting Experts eg. Essential Oils for Pregnancy

Course is limited to 4 couples to ensure a high level of support.

Investment – £225 per couple payable in advance.

Venue: TBC

One -One If you prefer you can have sessions of  DRU Pre-Natal Yoga privately, with a programme specifically designed to meet the needs of you and your baby 1hr 15 mins in the comfort of your own home £50, evenings and weekends available at no extra cost.

Couples Pregnancy 1-1 Total 5 hrs £350

Four babies born to Mums who met at Pregnancy Yoga Class.

  • Other Services to Support Pregnancy

Reiki – provides calm and balance for Mother and Baby.

Emotional Freedom Technique – Removes issues and concerns related to pregnancy, birth and            parenthood.

Life Coaching – helps you to plan and prepare mentally and emotionally for the life changing               event of becoming a parent.

Meditation CDs – to guide you through a meditation of 20 mins, 3 on each CD to help calm and            relax.

Class members receive 10% discount on usual prices for these services.

If you would like any more information or to book a class you can call or email me


prenatal yoga

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