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Business success is in the hands of its People from the CEO throughout the company, in every department whether they are public facing or internal support.

People are the most important asset of any business, therefore it is in the interests of every business to nurture and develop its employees.

Growth Through People can help you to bring about positive change by offering both individual support and group training.


1. Coaching to develop confidence, overcome fears and phobias eg. Your star employee may want to go to the next level but that necessitates public speaking which they fear, so they turn down the opportunity, your employee misses out on a career move and your business misses out on their excellent skills to grow your company.

2. Coaching to increase self-awareness and develop personal skills. Do you have staff members who are good at their job but have poor people skills or struggle under pressure creating a poor working atmosphere? Then Growth Through People would support the member of staff to overcome their low self-esteem – which is often what creates difficult behaviours.

3. Performance Management to aid Supervisors, Managers and Directors to manage staff in a confident and effective manner. Often staff are promoted because they are good at their job but have not led a team or had to manage people before – its a different skill set.

4. Stress Management providing support for staff who are juggling home and work life when they have problems such as divorce, bereavement, illness of self or family members etc that impacts on their abilities to function at work.

Training and Workshops

1. Transformational Programmes – these include Coping with Change, Personal Development and Managing Emotions. These programmes help to create positive and energetic workplaces.

2. Effective Communication Skills Workshop – staff learn how to interact with fellow employees and customers with understanding and empathy which develops a positive working environment and improves Customer Relations.

3. Emotional Resilience

“Emotional resilience” is more hard-hitting than many of the other methods promising to keep us cool, calm and collected. Originally developed to help victims of natural disasters and massacres cope with catastrophe, it’s reached our shores and is slowly infiltrating offices, schools and communities. Yesterday, it was announced that head teachers from 200 of the country’s leading independent schools will attend a conference next month to learn how to equip their pupils with emotional resilience, so that they can deal better with stress and failure.

Robert Milne, deputy head master at King’s College School in Wimbledon, south London, said that resilience, more often associated with war or poverty, could prove effective in helping children from affluent backgrounds in pressured academic environments. “People are now starting to look at why these pupils – who have so many things tangibly there for them to succeed – are struggling to cope,” he added. “We need to make them understand that it is OK when things go wrong.”

Telepgraph 25.2.2014

Janet Broughton of Growth Through People was Policy Officer for Behaviour Support at Lancashire County Council, and experienced the importance of the Resilience Factor and brings to this workshop a range of techniques to develop the Resilience Factor in all your employees.

4. Leadership and Management – the most successful managers are those with the most highly developed people skills. This programme has been created to work with middle and senior Managers and Directors to identify their strengths and grow their areas of potential.

To discuss in more detail to identify the best package for you to grow your business:-

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