BBC Radio Lancashire Interview 2008

April 2008


I had been interviewed a couple of times on the Late Night show with Carole Turner was invited back to BBC Radio Lancashire as Carole Turner had now moved with fellow presenter Sally Naden to a lunchtime show – Ladies@ Lunch, whereby 2 lady celebrities joined them for the show for discussion. On a Friday a man took one place as “Man Friday” On the occasion Janet guested local TV celebrity Gordon Burns was the other guest. “Gordon was charming if ever the journalist on air he made it clear that he did not believe in the therapies I use, as soon as we had a break for music he gave me a hug and said Sorry and then back on air he continued to debate with me, the live audience in the studio loved it and were in fits of laughter, as Carol says in the write up I held my own – a fascinating 2 hrs”.