Tranquil Healing Meditations


Often meditation is explained as a simple clearing of the mind; however there is nothing simple about clearing the mind! We have so much information about what has happened to us prior to this moment and what is to come after it. We live in a society that bombards us with information, from TV, internet, radio, newspapers and magazines and it is often negative information as bad news sells.

Tranquil Healing Meditations

To enable meditation to successfully take place we need to develop a Tranquil state of mind and in so doing delve into our subconscious to gain the answers we need to gain a positive emotional, mental and physical state. The Guided Meditations on this CD provide you with help and support to heal emotionally, physically and mentally creating a Tranquil state.

Each CD contains 3 guided meditations of approx. 20 mins length.


The ladies of Janet’s Eccleston class still meet to share DRU Yoga and we always finish the session with a relaxation from on of the CDs – a lovely way to end the evening. My favourite is the rainbow blanket meditation which uses the beautiful colours of the rainbow. – JM, Student Yoga Teacher, Lancashire, UK

I never get to hear the end because I’m so relaxed I fall asleep. – Rachel, Lancashire, UK

© Janet Broughton

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