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What is Reiki Healing ?

Please note Reiki is not available until further notice due to Coronavirus  Restrictions

Healing HandsReiki is one of a range of  Holistic Therapies, all of which are known as Energy Healing. It is recoginised that the human body has 7 Energy Centres known as Chakras and these energy centres work on mental, emotional and physical levels.

We are now all familiar with mental and emotional stress resulting in aches, pains, high blood pressure, lethargy, and lowered immune system, left unchecked these can lead to more serious illnesses. Holistic Therapies treat all aspects – mind, body and spirit (emotions). When we are well balanced the 7 Chakras spin steadily, however if disturbances occur then they become disrupted and this is played out on the body. We feel “off balance”.

Reiki brings the balance back to the Chakras, relieving any signs of stress. The actual treatment consists of the Practitioner placing their hands over 12 points on the body, the client remains fully clothed only removing shoes and outdoor clothing. The client can feel a number of sensations the most common being heat, there can also be tingling, cold, flashes of colour, numbness and heaviness.

Clients come to Reiki for many different reasons, all leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

A session of Reiki Healing in Southport lasts for 1 hour. Cost £35 payable in advance, non-refundable.

If you would like any more information or to book Reiki in Southport, you can call or email me



    1. Hi Claire
      Thank-you for your enquiry. I haven’t presently got dates for next Reiki Level 1, it is likey to be in the Autumn.
      Kind regards

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