NLP Workshop

This  NLP workshop will provide a general introduction to the theory and practice of NLP to begin the process of personal understanding and development.

By the end of the workshop you will have identified how you interact with, and make sense of, the world. And how this will improve your relationships.

You will experience methods for strengthening positive feelings and breaking links to negative ones.

Also included is a demonstration of a Goal Setting technique to introduce you to one method that will help you to start to achieve your dreams.

My communication skills have been key to my career starting as I did in the Hotel and Catering, or, People, Industry and then as a lecturer and trainer. In order to provide the best possible services for my guests I needed understanding of their needs and to understand and develop the skills and enthusiasm of my staff to meet those needs. As a lecturer and trainer to gain the greatest success for my students it was vital that I communicated concepts to them in an accessible way, presenting new ideas in such a way as to encompass all learning styles.

NLP presents a format for the communication skills that I have naturally employed so I am delighted to be able to offer everyone  the opportunity to gain an insight into how you can improve your own ability to develop rapport in all areas of your life.

This workshop will count towards Continuing Professional Development for professions where communication skills are a requirement.

Date: TBC  3 hr Course £40, inclusive of course notes and refreshments 

£10 deposit secures place, balance payable 1 week beforehand.

If you would like any more information or to book you can call or email me

0756 392 1558

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