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The video shows a class being taught DRU Yoga Energy Block Release 1 (EBR1) by Janet Broughton.

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DRU Yoga classes in begin with music and dance, a fun warm up to start the process of waking your body up and leaving the stresses of your world outside of the class.

An Energy Block Release sequence follows. These are a range of movements that continue the process of balancing the soul whilst gently moving each part of the body. On a daily basis small to large events happen that create tension and therefore a blockage on our energy system and sometimes we have ongoing situations that cause a build up of tension and even more of our energetic body being blocked, physically we feel this as pain and discomfort and illness.

An Energy Block Release sequence therefore works with the physical body to release the blocks in the energetic body, you may experience a feeling like pins and needles as the energy starts to flow again just as you would if you’d been in a position that blocked your blood flow and it releases. You may feel warmth or lightness, a feeling of letting go as your body physically, energetically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually begins to come back into balance.

Before beginning postures (asanas) we stretch and prepare the body so the appropriate muscles are ready for the posture.

The postures in DRU are the classic yoga postures however they are practised with flow and soft joints. All postures are practised in stages again proper preparation means you are able to achieve the posture safely and harmoniously. The practice of moving into a posture in stages means that DRU Yoga is accessible for everyone no matter your level of experience and fitness, age or gender.

A DRU Yoga Class ends with Relaxation or Meditation which gives time and space for the unconscious mind to relax and quiet the chattering.

You leave a DRU Yoga class feeling refreshed, relaxed and re-balanced.

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